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Relieve Neuropathy in Feet and Legs

If You Want Relief from Nerve Pain & Burning Feet - Read This... Foot Pain Cream with Tea Tree Oil  is our top-rated product for a reason. Not only does it beat out every other pain relief cream in terms of how much of effective ingredients you get ...but on top of that - our alternative neuropathy treatment actually works for 95% of our customers.

Treat painful feet! Whether your foot pain is caused by neuropathy, arthritis or another problem, our topical foot pain cream is non-medicinal, safe, effective and without side effects While NSAIDs and other prescription drugs are mostly offered by your doctor, because they seem to offer the fast pain relief that you desire, their side effects may be a different story.

If  you suffer from burning feet, legs or hands, often have numbness and tingling in hands or feet, you may have neuropathy.

You should be aware the FDA recently found that many OTC creams have actually burned patients with their ingredients. You may rest assured that our product will not do this. Nothing in our cream will burn or aggravate your skin in any way, only soothe!

Our foot cream has been found effective for 95% of our customers, relieving the unrelenting pain of neuropathy. It can help top of foot pain and nerve pain in the legs. It prevents dry skin, which can lead to cracking of skin and foot ulcers, helping those of you who may have diabetes.

The cream is made with many natural ingredients, including tee tree oil, which guards against ulceration,  and peppermint, which research shows that peppermint oil acts through a specific anti-pain channel and reduces the sensitivity.

 If your foot has ever fallen asleep, you know the feeling of neuropathy. The numbness and tingling are very unpleasant and you just want to shake some life back into it. Thousands of people experience these symptoms everyday, all day and night and would try most anything for relief.

Get relief today. Our product is aspirin free and will not interfere with any other medications you may be taking.
What is neuropathy, how is it caused?
Many people with diabetes suffer from damage to nerve endings which in turn causes the  numbness and burning which are so annoying as well as painful...but neuropathy can be incurred in other ways. Many times people who work with chemicals will develop symptoms of nerve damage. And unfortunately in some instances patients who must undergo chemotherapy are also affected by the chemicals dripped into their bodies.

Pain from neuropathy is likely to occur in your feet before affecting your hands and arms. Other symptoms of nerve damage include:

         * numbness and weakness in extremities
         * burning foot pain
         * aching pain in feet
         * unpleasant sensation upon touching by sheets, socks, etc
         * instability when walking and loss of balance

The causes of peripheral neuropathy can include diabetes (mentioned above), some chemicals and drugs, alcoholism, chemotherapy and even vitamin deficiencies.

For diabetics it is essential to get your blood glucose levels under control and within the normal range. Maintaining good control may help lessen symptoms. Our foot pain cream may relieve nocturnal or daytime pain and certainly will protect you against developing foot ulcers as well!

It is generally agreed that there is no definitive neuropathy treatment at this time but our non-medicinal treatment  has brought symptomatic relief  to many people who suffer with diabetes nerve pain or neuropathy due to other causes.

Just read what some of satisfied customers have to say about the relief they have experienced. They order time and again - read the testimonials from just some of the people who have been helped with our Physassist Foot Pain Cream. It is so gratifying to us to be the manufacturer of a product that can bring relief to so many.

Chemo induced neuropathy

some chemotherapy drugs may cause peripheral neuropathy and is a very real problem for cancer patients, the list includes such drugs as Vincristine, Cisplatinum, Carboplatin, Taxol and others. Be sure and ask your doctor if the drugs you take can cause neuropathy.

Our cream may be able to help.

Our Phyassist Foot Pain Cream penetrates deeply, and has enough of each ingredient to make a difference.

Ingredients in our foot cream include Tea Tree oil, a primary ingredient, well known for its natural deodorizing and anti-fungal properties, other herbal ingredients including glycerin, vitamin E, arnica extract, our secret ingredient "21-A".  Peppermint oil helps circulation and promotes new cell growth. The cooling effects of the peppermint oil will go on working for  hours! offered on a 100% money back guarantee and it just doesn't get any better that that. Make sure you try this product today.

We hope you find the above helpful, we believe the more attention that can be brought to the subject, the better you will understand it. Relieve your pain today!

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